One of Your Biggest Grammar Mistakes

Jan 03

Hi again, bloggers. We need to talk, and I’m really not kidding this time.

Internet marketers and money-making gurus, I’m talking to you, too.

Even some of the best writers are making this mistake. I see it all over the internet, from the small mommy blogs to the millionaire marketers who claim to teach us all how to make thousands each day.


Incorrect Use of the Apostrophe

Even though the apostrophe is used to indicate possession,  when you use a pronoun like her, you do not use an apostrophe.

For example, Sharon’s new car is red.

HOWEVER, when you are using a pronoun like her, you do not use an apostrophe.

Whose red car is that?

The red car is hers. (NOT her’s)

You NEVER use an apostrophe with hers.

Hint: Have you ever seen matching bath towel sets embroidered with “HIS” and “HERS” on them? When you are writing, remember that the words HIS and HERS also come as a matched set. You would never even think of using an apostrophe with “His.” So knowing that they are a matched set, you can always know that neither one ever takes an apostrophe.

Take a look at these other examples to clarify other similar (and very common) mistakes:

Is that dog your neighbor’s?

The dog is ours.  (NOT our’s)

Did I win the prize?

The prize is yours.  (NOT your’s)

Which house belongs to the Andersons?

The brick house is theirs.  (NOT their’s)


Bonus Tip

When you have a word like guru, and you want to make it plural, you just add an s. Yes, I realize that you already know this, but some people have the instinct to use an  apostrophe and turn it into “guru’s” as a plural. Is it possible that some people think that a word like “gurus” looks funny and it’s more clear to add the apostrophe? Don’t do it!

In Conclusion

If you can avoid making these mistakes in your blog posts, emails, and especially in your headlines, you’ll be avoiding some of the most common and most obvious errors that I see online.

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