How a Camera-Shy Writer Can Make a Cool Video

Jan 07

camera-shy writer

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone!

This morning my kids went back to school, so in a way it feels like the New Year is starting now and I’m ready to get back to business. I wanted to share my new favorite tool with you.

Last week I saw a really impressive animated video from Danny Iny of, who very kindly ran my guest post last October. The post was inspired by a really strange comment my daughter made about a clown when she was little. You can read the post HERE.

Danny told me that the video was made with Sparkol/VideoScribe. I clicked onto their site and I’ve been amazed ever since. You can make videos with the hand-drawn scribble/doodle/whiteboard look, and you can customize them with their clipart, your own art or photos, and a big variety of music. You can even add your own voiceover.


I signed up for the free trial and I made this video to put on the author page of my Kindle books. This one is for my ebook The Copywriter’s Cheat Sheet. I’m planning to make more videos–one for each of my books. My head is spinning with ideas for other ways to use this service. I think any blogger, writer, life coach, entrepreneur or marketer could make a nice impact with this type of video.

Marketers are always being told to add video to their websites. If you’re a little camera-shy like I am, this is a really fun, creative way to get your words on the screen without an awkward webcam video from home! (Not that your webcam video would be awkward, but I’m pretty sure mine would be!)

In case you’re wondering, yes, Sparkol/VideoScribe has an affiliate program, and you can join it even if you’re on the free trial period. Today is the last day of a special price if you want to get the Pro version (which seems to be the only option after the free trial). You don’t have to keep their logo on the videos if you get the Pro version.

Please let me know if you have any ideas to share or if you have questions for me. I’ll be experimenting with more of these videos, and I’ll let you know how it goes!



  1. This is so cool. I need to think of a way to use it, then sign up for a trial. (Have to think of the way before signing up so I don’t waste my trial days pondering!) Thanks, Carol!

    • Hi Lisa,
      You could make a quick video that summarizes what your blog is all about, and show the topics that you discuss on Grandma’s Briefs. The handwritten phrases could show questions that grandparents would like to have answered. :)

  2. Found your blog via the First Friday Link Party and I love it! Never thought of sharing content through video, thanks for sharing :)

    • Carol Zombo /

      Thank you so much, Meg! It was really fun to make the video–let me know if you try it!

  3. hey,
    This is so Amazing .. i mean so cool.I really like it…

  4. Hey, its so nice. This looks so creative and amazing stuff.Thanks for sharing this.

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