233 Ways to Say Something Nice

Dec 16

At a Loss for Words?

Do you ever worry that you’re overusing certain words, like maybe great or amazing?Author E.B. White famously said,

Avoid the elaborate, the pretentious, the coy and the cute. Do not be tempted by a twenty-dollar word when there is a ten-center handy, ready and able.

That’s good advice, but as he also showed us in Charlotte’s Web, sometimes you have to do a little searching to find new ways to say something positive. Charlotte had to send her friends to search through a garbage dump for magazine scraps just to get some ideas. This list should make it a little easier for you to mix up your language a bit.


233 Positive Words

absolutely, abundant, acclaimed, abundant, acclaimed, accomplished, admirable, agreeable, amazing, ample, appreciable, arresting, awesome
beautiful, best, big-name, big-time, boundless, bounteous, bountiful, bright, brilliant
capital, celebrated, champion, choice, choicest, colossal, commendable, comprehensive, considerable, consummate, cool, crack, crazy,
dandy, decidedly, delightful, deluxe, deserving, desirable, distinctive, distinguished, dreamy, dynamic, dynamite
elevated, eminent, enormous, esteemed, estimable, exalted, excellent, exceptional, exemplary, exquisite, extensively, extraordinary, extremely
fab, fabulous, famed, fantastic, favorable, fine, first-class, first-rate, foremost,
gentle, glorious, good, gorgeous, grand, great
heavenly, hefty, high-powered, honorable, honored, huge, humongous, hunky-dory
illustrious, immeasurable, immensely, important, incalculable, incomparable, inexhaustible, infinite, inordinately, intense, invaluable
jake, jaunty, jocular, joker, joy, joyful, joyous
keen, kind, kindly, kosher
large, large-scale, lavish, limitless, lofty
magnificent, majestic, major-league, marked, marvelous, masterful, masterly, memorable, mighty, monumental, much
neat, nifty, noble, not bad, not too shabby, notable, noted, noteworthy, noticeable, noticeably, number one
out of this world, outstanding, overwhelming
paragon, peachy, peerless, perfect, pleasant, plenteous, plentiful, positive, powerful, precious, preeminent, premium, priceless, prime, prime, proficient, profuse, prominent
quality, quintessential
radiant, reasonable, remarkable, renowned, reputable, respectable, respected, resplendent, righteous,
satisfying, select, seriously, singular, sizable, smashing, solid, special, splendid, strong, substantial, super, superb, superior, superlative, surpassing, surprising, surprisingly superstar, supreme, stupendous, swell
terrific, tiptop, top, top-notch, transcendent tremendous
unbelievable, unending, unforgettable, unlimited, unmitigated, unqualified, unreal, untold, utterly,
valuable, vast, vastly, venerable, vigorous, visionary, voluminous
well-known, wicked, wonderful, world-class, worthy
xenial (means hospitable toward guests, friendly to strangers)
yahoo, yippee, youthful, yummy
zealous, zesty



Image credit: Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White, illustration by Garth Williams.


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